Mailroom Management Enters a High Tech Era

High Tech

One important issue for businesses attending mail equipment sales concerns the development of technologically cutting-edge mailrooms. Today, impressive tools exist to facilitate accurate and rapid mail processing. Mailroom software products now receive widespread use. Additionally, the development of the Internet of Things (the “IoT”) appears poised to increase existing levels of automation even further.

About Mailroom Software Products

One innovation which obtained wide acceptance during recent years involves the development of mailroom management software. Initially geared towards facilitating the use of convenient mass mailings, today these popular programs often assist mailrooms within specific industry niches. The development of cloud-based programs increased the specialization of these products even further.

Some leading mailroom management software developers include Mailform, Envoy Deliveries, AutoMail, LLC, SphereMail, and EarthClass Mail. A growing number of online providers also endeavor to supply “virtual mailrooms” for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The growing complexity of this marketplace testifies to the importance of computerization for modern mailroom operations.

The Developing IoT

Yet another important trend impacting busy mailrooms involves the development of “smart lockers” permitting customers to access mailboxes remotely, in some cases. This concept has gained popularity in private mailbox centers as a business tool. It recently expanded to include some universities and high schools, as well.

For example, in 2020 the University of Oregon invested in Gantner smart lockers to rent to students. These sites enable students to store books and other items conveniently and securely. However, the lockers also offer the convenience of automation. The lockers use an electronic locking system; however, maintenance staff at the institutions can open and access the locations to address security concerns or accidental lockouts.

Changing Mailroom Equipment

The ongoing development of new mailroom technologies, coupled with rapid advances in automation, suggest mailrooms in numerous businesses will appear very different in just a few years. This industry currently experiences rapid change. Both the proliferation of new, highly specialized management programs and the development of IoT products (such as smart mailboxes and lockers) will likely transform conventional mail handling and processing functions.

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