Three Strong Incentives For Using Managed Print Services

Xerox Managed Print Services Atlanta, HP Managed Print Services AtlantaToday, companies around the world explore the advantages of managed print services. If you’ve debated whether or not to embrace this innovation in your firm, three important considerations may help you reach a better-informed decision. The goal of utilizing a managed service for most businesses involves obtaining more cost-effective and efficient results.

A Canadian office printing company shared this information online last autumn. Some of the data should certainly interest managers seeking to promote leaner, more agile enterprise models. These statistics suggest many owners of printers don’t utilize valuable printing resources as effectively as possible:

Prevent Widespread Confusion

Unfortunately, despite the utility and impressive technological capabilities of most modern corporate printers, these devices continue to generate a lot of confusion in the workplace. Problems with office printers reportedly account for more than 1 in every 5 calls to help desks. The confusion does not rest solely with office workers, either. Some sources estimate 90% of companies in North America cannot tally yearly printing costs accurately. (Given the high cost of paper supplies, these expenses add up quickly for some businesses.)

Obtain More Effective Risk Management

Ignorance of the true cost of printing documents creates serious complications for certain business operations. In one survey, 75% of respondents reported their firms faced legal risks or compliance issues due to problems associated with document management. Many firms must expend money securing and storing paper copies of documents. These expenses may prove significant over the anticipated useful lifetime of the paperwork.

Reduce Waste

Obtaining improved efficiency ranks high on the list of excellent reasons why so many astute business leaders desire managed services for business printers. Astonishingly, some sources estimate fully 17% of a typical worker’s daily printing output never serves any useful purpose. Most companies discard over 50% of printed documents on the day employees first print out this material! Given the often significant periods of time spent by office staff retrieving “hard copies” from file cabinets during a typical work week, many companies enjoy significant cost savings by implementing more efficient printing and document handling measures.

A Wise Investment

For all these reasons, commercial enterprises around the world today frequently seek managed services to enhance their use of printing resources. This decision helps create happier, more cost-effective, and more efficient workplaces. It reduces the number of common printing concerns! Know more about hp managed print services.

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