Signs that your printer needs repair

It can be easy to overlook the details when your printer is working well. After all, it should just print out the report or invoice, and you’ll move on to other tasks. But sometimes, it pays to take a closer look at your printer, just in case there’s a problem that needs your attention. You’d hate to miss a deadline because of an overlooked print job on break, or if your last page didn’t print out properly, so you have a hole in the center of your paper stack.

Crinkled or torn paper

If your printer starts to output crinkled or torn paper, there is a problem with the roller system. The printer rollers are supposed to hold the paper in place while it’s being printed on, but they can become damaged or worn out over time. This can be caused by a single sheet of paper getting jammed and then being pulled out forcefully—imagine pulling a sheet of paper out of a typewriter. If you notice that your printer is giving you crinkled or torn pages, check the rollers and replace them if they’re worn. You may also need to replace the rubberized belts that help pull the paper through.

Paper jams

Paper jams are a common problem in most printers and can cause printing errors that require printer repair and service. Paper jams can be caused by mechanical problems or electrical problems. If the printer is not properly aligned, it could cause paper jams because the printer is unable to pull the paper through the rollers properly. This can often be corrected by aligning the rollers, but if they are worn out, they must be replaced.

The paper also gets jammed when the rollers have become dirty with ink or dust particles that prevent them from rotating smoothly. Paper jams can also occur due to hardware failure. For example, if the gears on the side of the print carriage are broken or damaged, then they will not move freely and will cause paper jamming. It is important to always check for any loose screws or bolts that may come loose due to constant printing.

Ink problems

Printers are notorious for spewing out ink all over the place, particularly if they’re used regularly. When your printer is working properly, it should only deposit ink onto the paper–not on anything else inside or outside the machine. If your printer is making a mess of itself with ink, then something is wrong with its mechanism, and it needs to be repaired.

When you think about it, there are a number of signs that could suggest your printer needs professional repair. Above, we have identified some of the most common signs that you should call an authorized dealer right away. If your printer exhibits any of the following, we strongly advise against ignoring them.

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