Don’t Overlook Ink Costs When Purchasing a New Office Copier

Printer InkBusiness owners seeking to purchase printers and copiers should not overlook the sometimes significance expense of ink. Last year, the public interest watchdog organization Consumer Reports conducted a study to elucidate this issue. The results indicated not all manufacturers produce products which use ink at comparable rates; indeed, some makes and models consume printing ink far more efficiently than others.

Ink as a Printing Expense

Different offices use variable amounts of printing ink, of course. The recent study suggests some businesses may obtain cost savings by investing in more ink-efficient printers. Even brands selling within comparable price ranges sometimes display marked differences in this respect.

If your firm anticipates taking advantage of printer sales soon, it may prove helpful to perform some preliminary research. Consider reviewing your annual company expenditures on ink for the past three years. In some cases, managers may enjoy future cost savings by selecting an office copier which conserves ink more effectively.

Use Your Printer More Efficiently

Additionally, some offices extend the anticipated lifespan of a printing ink cartridge simply by modifying their use of copiers and printers. Certain operations typically require a higher volume of ink than others. Consider implementing four measures to optimize ink supplies:

  1. Print Out Photos Sparingly
    Since they typically include more pixels than text documents, photos require far more ink to print. By refraining from generating physical copies of photographs, companies may reduce their utilization of ink over the long term.
  1. Whenever Possible, Use Drafts Instead of Finely Finished Documents For Internal Use
    Similarly, if a draft copy of a document suffices for internal use, consider relying upon it rather than insisting upon a high quality printed version. This cost-saving measure will decrease ink consumption.
  1. Turn Off The Printer Sparingly
    Reportedly, some brands of high tech office copiers and printers employ ink during self-maintenance cycles. Simply by refraining from turning the printer on and off repeatedly, a business which prints infrequently optimizes ink use.
  1. Never Replace an Ink Cartridge Prematurely
    It often makes sense to replace machine parts on a routine, recurring basis. However, using this strategy for maintaining an office printer risks wasting expensive ink! Don’t perform ink replacement until the machine indicates it requires a new cartridge.



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