Managed Print Services Promote Streamlining

Today, managed print services (“MPS”) offer a number of widely recognized advantages. These benefits include cost reduction, improved security, enhanced environmental sustainability, and the prevention of wasteful duplicative printing. However, one of the most important reasons to adopt MPS in many institutional and governmental settings relates to streamlining services. Streamlining Helps Cut Through Unnecessary Red…read more.

Should Your Firm Select a Wide Format Printer or a Plotter?

Today, rapid recent high tech advances in the printing industry permit printer and copier sales firms to offer a dazzling array of capabilities to their customers. The development of wide format printers and plotters exemplifies this trend. City planners, surveyors, real estate developers, builders, architects, cartographers, engineering firms, photography studios, advertising agencies, theatrical set designers,…read more.

When Does Printer Replacement Become The Most Attractive Option?

Today, businesses frequently maintain contracts to obtain printer repair and service. This valuable equipment plays an important role in numerous workplaces. Obtaining essential maintenance often constitutes a necessary commercial expense. Yet industry experts note that in some situations, a company may discover benefits in replacing a damaged printer. When do customers obtain advantages in purchasing…read more.

Does Novel Coronavirus Pose a Health Risk For Workers in Busy Mailrooms?

The prospect of a Novel Coronavirus pandemic alarms business leaders today. Companies that attend mail equipment sales sometimes receive high volumes of incoming mail. During recent years, many mailroom managers have grown sensitive to the potential for disease transmission via mail processing. Does Novel Coronavirus pose a health threat for workers in mailrooms? This brief…read more.

2019 in Review: Leading Managed Print Services Providers

As managers reflect upon 2019, many will discover benefits in considering the leading firms offering managed print services (or “MPS”). During the past year, some companies excelled in capturing a significant share of this emerging marketplace. As everyone prepares for a prosperous, busy 2020, this brief article explores this aspect of the MPS industry. Recognized…read more.

Paper Trends Impact Printer And Copier Markets

Customers who closely followed printer and copier sales during 2019 have also likely noticed a significant trend: Americans in general utilize less paper per capita than they did a few years ago in business settings. Analysts suggest a number of reasons underlie this change. Just consider four possible reasons for the drop in paper consumption:…read more.

Use These Six Quick Steps to Troubleshoot a Printer

Have you encountered printing problems recently? Before seeking printer repair and service, it usually makes sense to perform “troubleshooting” first. You may discover you can resolve a problem with your equipment quickly on the spot. Consider working through this handy checklist: 1. Check For an Error Message Today, sophisticated office printers diagnose their own malfunctions.…read more.

Mailing Internationally

Numerous customers who attend mail equipment sales transmit letters and packages internationally. Sending mailings across national borders often requires the participation of multiple postal services. This complex process sometimes generates confusion. This brief article addresses some common international mailing issues. Mailing Weight Matters Currently, post offices in some 190 nations (including the USA and Canada)…read more.

Printer Analytics: A Vital Part of Managed Print Services

Today, writers frequently refer to managed print services or “MPS” primarily as a way to increase the efficiency of printing. This process typically reduces the volume of printed copies, helping enterprises cut costs and employ a lighter environmental footprint. Yet experts note sophisticated printer analytics also comprises an important aspect of MPS. This brief article…read more.

An Excellent Way to Minimize Printer Expenses: Choose a Muti-Function Printer

Today, businesses that search for attractive printer and copier sales often also seek creative ways to save money on printing. The cost of purchasing ink alone typically poses a significant budget item. Some experts recommend a high quality multi-function printer (an “MFP”) as the most economical choice for offices utilizing extensive printed documents. About Multi-Function…read more.