Managed Print Services Must Emphasize Excellent Customer Service

Although still a comparatively young industry, today the management of printing services (“MPS”) stands at a crossroads. The rapid expansion of the Internet and the development of exceedingly fast, computerized “cloud-based” services have brought significant changes to this emerging field. Giles Thorpe, the managing director of CCE, wrote an influential (and very inspiring) editorial a…read more.

Don’t Overlook Ink Costs When Purchasing a New Office Copier

Business owners seeking to purchase printers and copiers should not overlook the sometimes significance expense of ink. Last year, the public interest watchdog organization Consumer Reports conducted a study to elucidate this issue. The results indicated not all manufacturers produce products which use ink at comparable rates; indeed, some makes and models consume printing ink…read more.

Use Your Printer’s Instruction Manual to Solve Problems Large (And Small)!

Solve Printer Problems More Easily Today, manufacturers have developed some genuinely remarkable, highly sophisticated office equipment. Printers fall into this category. Ranging in size from large, powerful machines to lightweight desktop units, these essential tools help millions of people increase their productivity on a daily basis. (Indeed, some enterprises cannot function without them!) Yet surprisingly…read more.

Increase Business Productivity Using a Streamlined Mailroom

Today, lean, nimble business enterprises cannot afford delays created by a cluttered company mailroom. Few locations in most commercial enterprises benefit as much from careful organization. The capability to address time-sensitive mailings as quickly as possible holds great value. Organizing a Mailroom Mailroom efficiency matters. Yet without attention to the details involving its layout and…read more.

Managed Print Services Help Many Business Save Money

Recently, a newly emerging field known as managed print services (or “MPS”) has gained momentum. Companies around the world increasingly rely upon experienced third party providers to help them integrate and streamline printing and digital imaging services.(1) MPS firms help coordinate the activities of office printers, photocopiers, faxes, scanners, and other printing devices to help…read more.

An Office Copier Machine: Leasing Versus Purchasing

Business owners and managers sometimes face a tough decision: should the company lease an office copier machine or purchase this important equipment outright? The answer to this question usually depends upon a firm’s unique circumstances. This brief article addresses some of the most common pros (and cons) of leasing and buying. Office Copier Lease Agreements…read more.

Use These 10 Tips to Help Maintain Your Office Copier in Good Condition

Office copier machines perform a vital function in many busy workplaces today. Although this technology has undergone significant improvements during recent years, some businesses pay recurring copier repair bills. Help reduce these unexpected expenses by asking your employees to adhere to ten common sense guidelines: 1. Don’t place beverages on your office copy machine. Many…read more.

Save Money By Selecting The Best Shipping Scale

Does your enterprise engage in eCommerce? If so, you’ve probably searched for ways to enhance your shipping operations. One investment may yield impressive results: consider choosing a USB digital postal scale to improve efficiency and enjoy seamless logistical support. Taking this step bolsters the competitiveness of companies engaging in high volume mailings! Reasons to Use…read more.

Why You Should Invest in Managed Print Services

As a business owner or manager, the one constant in your life is managing your printing equipment and services, such as fixing problems yourself or delegating that task to others. Overall, printing management, including changing printer ink, troubleshooting problems, and running routine maintenance, can eat up a lot of you and your employees’ time and…read more.

In the Market for a Digital Copier? Here’s What You Need to Know

In this digital world, many people think that ink and paper have disappeared like telegrams, cassette tapes, and television antennas. But many businesses, like yours, still rely on paper, ink, and copiers in order to get things done. And although prices for many business-related technologies have gone down, digital copiers are still very pricey. Depending…read more.