Forecasting Printing Supply Chain Needs With MPS

Today, managed print services (“MPS”) assist businesses in predicting their printing supply chain needs with greater accuracy. Why does the ability to anticipate printing costs more accurately aid commercial enterprises today? Consider just three reasons why business managers value MPS as a means of predicting annual printer expenses with greater precision: Without MPS, Tracking Printing…read more.

Six Features Your Office May Require in a Multi-Function Printer

Today, the popularity of multi-function printers continues to make these office tools very popular. Both commercial and home offices often utilize this equipment. For example, Lexmark announced in June one of its multi-function printers had received a prestigious Editor’s Choice designation from PC Magazine, a publication widely read by people utilizing home computers. Companies furnishing…read more.

The Strange History of Envelope Sealers

Customers who attend mail equipment sales today sometimes search for automated envelope sealing systems. As a type of business tool, envelope sealers first gained popularity in the USA during the 1890s! The development of this unusual office equipment fascinates history buffs. A Puzzling Question Probably one of the most surprising aspects of envelope sealing equipment…read more.

Four Reasons to Incorporate Managed Print Services Into Your Business Planning

Today, the topic of managed print services (MPS) interests enterprises exploring risk management and disaster planning. While numerous companies obtain cost savings from MPS, this emerging field may offer particular value during periods of disruption and uncertainty. Consider four reasons why managers find it helpful to utilize this service when unanticipated natural disasters (or other…read more.

Six Quick Tips For Fixing a Slow Printer

Does your printer generate copies very slowly? Before summoning printer repair and service technicians, it may prove helpful to explore six quick tips to speed up text document printing. None of these solutions requires extensive technical capabilities. However, taking these steps can help customers conserve time! Sluggish Printers In many cases, some simple modifications assist…read more.

Three Possible New Managed Print Services Industry Developments?

Significant economic impacts accompanied the arrival of the Novel Coronavirus this Spring. Numerous jurisdictions imposed operating restrictions upon business activities. These orders sought to promote public health objectives by encouraging adherence to Social Distancing guidelines. Health authorities hoped to use these policies to help stem the spread of the contagious illness, COVID-19. Companies providing managed…read more.

The Fascinating History of HP Inc. Product Lines

Today, shoppers seeking printers frequently purchase HP Inc. brands, such as the HP LaserJet Pro. The company manufactures cutting-edge products widely used by consumers and businesses. It enjoys robust printer and copier sales. 2015: The Founding of HP Inc. The modern firm of HP Inc. started in 2015. At that time, Meg Whitman, the CEO…read more.