KIP Plotter sales - ex. 2KIP Plotter Sales

The KIP plotters that we sell stand among the finest commercial printing machines around. Beloved for their various advanced chart-drawing features, these plotters’ prices are nonetheless remarkably reasonable. A lot of techs really appreciate the easy-to-follow plotting software that comes with our KIP plotters and works with the machines to simplify plotting procedures.

As an official KIP plotter vendor, Reach Technologies also extends numerous warranty service packages to our plotter sales. Our experienced technicians have been certified and advised directly by KIP, so they have the skills and materials they need to bring your plotter’s performance up to par and keep it there. We are currently selling and providing service warranties on:

  • KIP 3000 MFP Plotters and Scanners
  • KIP 3000 Auto Stackers
  • KIP C7800 Color Wide Format Printers
  • KIP 5000 Multifunction Printers

To find out more about the KIP plotters that we provide, please call 800-537-0669 today.

kip plotter - ex. Printer Repair Service Warranties

The integrity of the KIP plotters we sell is truly unequaled. However, because they do contain electrical components, it’s probable that they’ll need an occasional tune-up. Along with a few other North American businesses, Reach Technologies extends service and repair warranties on all our KIP plotter sales. These warranty plans can incorporate recurring on-the-job maintenance calls and/or defective unit repairs so that you’ve always got a fully operational plotter at your place of business.

To help you stay within your budgetary allowance for maintaining your plotter, Reach Technologies offers routine upkeep-only, pre-established cost, and per-call maintenance packages for you to choose from. Call us now to get a fast, free evaluation, the results of which will identify which kind of plan will serve your company best.

  • Pre-Established Cost Packages
  • Per-Call Packages

Parts and Labor Prices

Reach Technologies provides support for KIP plotters both at-site as well as in our repair shop. The costs of our maintenance services are low and many times more cost-effective than acquiring another plotter. Costs of labor and/or repair parts are incurred on individual terms.

To know more about the KIP plotters in our showroom and the rewarding maintenance warranties we can provide with your sale, call us today at 800-537-0669.