Lexmark Printer RepairLexmark Printing Systems

Lexmark supplies the world with some of its most durable printers. Highly regarded for the abundant selection of outstanding benefits they grant, these machines nevertheless remain cost-effective. There is no shortage of IT techs who particularly admire Lexmark’s fine-tuned printer software, which in tandem with the hardware facilitates easy printing work with little effort.

Reach Technologies is an authorized retailer of Lexmark printers. Our sales team is well-versed in Lexmark terminology and configurations, and they go out of their way to match you with the printer that is most befitting of your needs. We presently sell a variety of Lexmark printing systems, like:

  • Lexmark CX310 Color and B&W Printers
  • Lexmark CS410 Color And B&W Printers
  • Lexmark CS720 Professional Series Printers
  • Lexmark X740 Multifunction Printers

For more details about the premium Lexmark printers we currently distribute, please reach us at 800-537-0669.

Lexmark Reach TechnologiesPrinter Maintenance Plans

Even though Lexmark printers cannot be beat in terms of reliability, as electronic devices they will still malfunction every once in a while. Reach Technologies has joined forces with several companies across the U.S. that not only sell Lexmark printers, but provide general maintenance and repair plans for them as well, so that Lexmark can focus on production. These maintenance plans include routine at-site maintenance and mending broken models, so that your team can work on a fully functional system.

To guide you toward your desired budget for printer upkeep, Reach’s plans are available as strictly maintenance, fixed fee, and usage-based plans. Call Reach Technologies at your earliest convenience for an absolutely free assessment that will indicate which of our contracts is ideal for your corporation.

  • Fixed Fee Plans
  • Usage-Based Plans

Fees for Parts and/or Labor

Reach Technologies works on Lexmark printing machines both at the site and at our machine depot. Any service fees we charge are affordable, very competitive, and are much more efficient than having to buy a completely new Lexmark printer. Fees for labor or parts are calculated on an individual basis.

For a closer look at the Lexmark printers we have for sale and the warranty maintenance options we can provide along with them, get in touch with us by phone at 800-537-0669.