Why Every Business Needs In-House Mailing Equipment

Handling small amounts of mail is quite easy for most entrepreneurs and small businesses; calculating shipping costs at the post office and sending a few packages occasionally is not too difficult when there are not that many parcels. But as a business grows, so does its shipping volume and consequently its need for mailroom equipment.

If your business experiences a sudden uptick in shipping or you struggle to keep track of your shipping costs, then it might be time to invest in mailroom equipment. Plus, with the steady rise of e-commerce and mail equipment sales, it is easy to see why in-house mailing is the way to go.

1. Increased Productivity

Growth-induced workload is often a good thing for most businesses, but with increased responsibilities comes time constraints. Making frequent trips to the post office or meticulously stamping parcels every day might eat into valuable business time.

Mailroom equipment like digital postage meters and letter folding machines can make your work easier and tremendously speed up the mailing process. Also, since everything is in-house, you get to handle all your mail in one place.

2. Track Shipping Costs Accurately

Mailroom equipment can reveal some finer details of what you spend on shipping. For instance, you can weigh and meter your packages before delivery by using a postage meter – a mechanical device that prints postage on packages directly. This not only saves you from putting stamps on each package individually but also instills more accuracy into your shipping cost estimates. Some modern postage meters can also generate reports of mailing postage costs, making shipping expense tracking and bookkeeping easier.

3. Exude Professionalism

As obvious as it may seem, a company’s brand image has a significant bearing on the public’s perception and overall business performance. While most people associate brand image with logos, slogans and trademarks, something as simple as your packages’ appearance can influence how customers perceive your business.

Sending your customers professionally processed mail exudes professionalism and projects a positive public image. You could add customizations to your mail to stand out even further, including personalized greetings, special announcements, and promotions.

4. Streamlined Mailing Process

Having a designated mailroom with adequate mailing equipment will go a long way in keeping your business organized. Disorganization and lack of mailroom equipment are arguably the biggest reasons behind delayed deliveries, mishandled packages and mismatched orders. Investing in proper mailing systems and shipping software is the first step toward streamlining your mailing process.


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