5 Printer Maintenance Guide for a Busy Business Person

Keeping up with printer maintenance might not be on your plan. This is true for busy professionals who have meetings, conference calls, and presentations. However, understanding the complications of a printer can save your hard-earned profits.

Clean the Inside & Outside Regularly

Inkjet printers are sensitive to dust, smudges, and debris. The accumulation of debris can cause printer jams and malfunctions. A clean printer avoids these problems and offers faster printing jobs. Clean the inside of your printer regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This may include removing the paper trays and cleaning them with a damp cloth or compressed air. Clean the outside of your printer with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and smudges. Regular maintenance ensures your printer operates at peak efficiency and avoid printer repair and service.


Update Software

Some printers may not need software updates. But, ensure that you’re using the latest version. This is especially true if you’re using an older model. Also, software updates can help protect your printer from viruses.

Replace Cartridges

Replace the cartridges when the ink gets low, or you see that the ink is running out. Each cartridge will have a different life cycle depending on how often you use your printer. You can use generic cartridges as well. They are usually cheaper than brand-name ones. However, they may not last as long and could damage your printer in the long run. Look for a high-quality cartridge compatible with your printer to ensure smooth functioning.

Use Manufacturer Recommended Paper

Many printers will warn you when you use paper not manufacturer recommended. They want to give you the best possible printing experience every time. If your printer tells you to change the paper, it is right. Whether it’s the weight of the paper or the material, follow your printer’s advice when it comes to paper.

Switch It Off

Switch the printer off when it is not in use. You should also turn it off at night and during the weekends when it will not be needed. This will help you save on electricity costs. The printer will also last longer if it is not constantly kept on and being used.

As you can see from the list above, printer maintenance is an essential topic for a busy business person. The more often you print, the more critical it is to ensure that your printer is in good working condition.