5 Tips to Keep your Printer and Copier Working in Top Condition

Your printers and copiers are critical assets to the success of your business. With your printer and copier, you save a lot of time and costs; you would otherwise spend printing at other companies. To get the best from your machine, you must maintain to ensure they are always in top condition. Here are simple tips to keep your printer in perfect condition.

Use the Printer and Copier Regularly

Using the machine frequently is the first step to maintaining its condition. Failure to use the printer often makes the ink cartridge dry, hindering your smooth business operations. You can use a laser printer if you don’t have a lot of work to print frequently. A laser printer utilizes heat to fuse the powder into your paper; thus, the cartridge cannot dry.

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Clean and Replace your Cartridges with Great Caution

When replacing the cartridge, you should never force them into the machine. Avoid touching the bottom of the cartridge because this affects your printout’s quality. Read and understand the instructions for a new machine before replacing the cartridges.

Besides, ensure you keep the printer and copier free from dust and other dirt that may affect its smooth operation. When cleaning, ensure water doesn’t get in touch with any electrical part of your machine.

Only use the Latest Drivers and Software

Keep your machine updated by installing the latest drivers and software from your printer and copier sales company. This ensures your machine is in the right working condition. Your company will advise you on the most appropriate drivers that will work perfectly for your printer.

Replace Ink Cartridges before they Cause Issues

Dry cartridges cause wear and tear to your machine head. So, make it a habit to change the cartridges before they begin to cause issues. Your printer and copier software alert you whenever the toner or ink cartridges have problems.

Turn off the Printer and Copier when not in Use

When not using your machine, it’s always advisable to turn it off. Note that your machine can overheat when left for long. This can cause damage to inkjet printers because the ink cartridges can dry, making the header clog. Leaving the printer turned on when not in use also causes wear and tear on other parts.

Your printers and copiers are great investments in your business, so you need to protect them. With proper maintenance, your machines will work perfectly and last a long time. This saves you repair and replacement costs, thus offering you the right value for your investment.