An Excellent Way to Minimize Printer Expenses: Choose a Muti-Function Printer

HP Printer Sales AtlantaToday, businesses that search for attractive printer and copier sales often also seek creative ways to save money on printing. The cost of purchasing ink alone typically poses a significant budget item. Some experts recommend a high quality multi-function printer (an “MFP”) as the most economical choice for offices utilizing extensive printed documents.

About Multi-Function Printers

Also known as an “all-in-one” printer, a multi-function printer typically combines the capabilities of several devices. For example, a single MFP usually performs emailing, faxing, black-and-white printing, color printing, and digital scanning functions. This type of machine may also duplex, collate, and bind copies. While this sophisticated office equipment requires a steep initial investment, over the course of time it provides value by supplying lower-cost copies. An owner may spend as little as a nickel per page for high quality color reproductions and less than a penny for black and white ones.

Manufacturers develop different MFP models for specific market niches. For example, one model may serve primarily high-volume commercial uses. Others seek to meet the needs of small businesses or home office customers. Purchasers should consider evaluating the available selections in light of their unique printing requirements. By selecting an MFP customized towards the performance of frequently used tasks, customers generally obtain the best overall value.

Lower Operating Costs Justify Higher Acquisition Costs

Although many MFPs initially appear pricier than more trimmed-down, single function printers, experts advise these machines produce significantly cheaper copies over the course of time. Printer ink today constitutes a hefty operating expense. Many MFPs offer more cost-effective printing capabilities, so during the long term they help companies save money.

Additionally, customers who rely on MFPs should consider changing ink cartridges only when absolutely necessary. By extracting as much value as possible from the cartridge, consumers lower the cost of printed copies. The high prices commanded by printing ink have attracted considerable media attention during recent years.

Long Term Planning

The strategy of depending upon a quality MFP ultimately requires foresight. Businesses discover advantages in selecting this essential office equipment with care and maintaining it in good condition over a designated period of time. As printing technology rapidly changes, astute buyers enjoy an excellent opportunity to plan in advance for eventual printer replacement. Monitoring office equipment marketplace trends helps managers optimize their printing resources.