Should a Business Focus on Direct Mail or E-Mail Marketing Strategies & What Are the Pros & Cons of Each?

There are some key business strategies that businesses of every type must do in order to get the word out about their company’s products or services. Without a strong customer base, businesses will not reap the profits from their labors.

With the increasing use of consumer Smartphones and other high-tech devices, should a business focus their marketing strategies on direct mail or E-mail methods?

Read on to learn the pros and cons of each.

An Overview of Traditional Direct Mail Marketing Methods

Direct mail is a more traditional form of mail marketing that can put a brand name into as many mailboxes as the company desires.

This offers businesses a tried-and-true way to increase their brand recognition, allows companies to include a great limited time deal on their products or services and can be targeted to reach a specific potential customer base, like senior citizens or families.

There are some cons to direct mail tactics that should be considered prior to initiating the process.

Pros of Direct Mail Marketing

Some of the pros of direct mail marketing include:

  • Gets the word out to multiple potential customers.
  • Can be targeted to reach a specific people group most likely to buy your services or products.
  • Allows the option for inclusion of a discount or special bargain for added incentive to open the mailed item.
  • Can be cost effective.
  • Increases overall brand awareness.
  • Highly scalable – campaigns can be big or small.
  • There is little work for the company involved.

Some companies offer good deals on their mail equipment sales.

Cons of Direct Mail Marketing

Like most things in life, there are going to be some cons of direct mail marketing efforts that all companies should consider beforehand to save time, effort and money.

Some cons of direct mail marketing include:

  • Greater competition with other brands.
  • May be sent to an old address.
  • It could have a negative reaction from potential customers.
  • Often necessitates owning expensive mailing equipment.
  • No real guarantee of success.

An Overview of E-Mail Marketing Methods

The other marketing method businesses can use is termed E-mail marketing. As younger customers enter the marketplace, more companies are using this method to reach these potential customers on their Smartphones and other Internet connected devices through E-mail marketing campaigns.

There are pros and cons to consider here too.

Pros of E-Mail Marketing

  • Messages can be personalized.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Lowered costs.
  • Easy to implement and can be tested beforehand.
  • Provides more consumer tracking.
  • Messages can end up going viral pulling in more brand recognition.

Cons of E-Mail Marketing

  • Too many messages can be sent to SPAM.
  • May not be opened by consumer.
  • Recipients can become irritated quickly.
  • Potential problems with delivery & design issues.

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