Managed Print Services: One Way For Cinemas And Theaters to Slash Costs

Cinemas And Theaters Print Service

During the coronavirus pandemic, numerous entertainment venues sustained financial losses. The implementation of managed print services (“MPS”) offers a helpful way for many of these enterprises to curb costs. From cinemas to theatrical productions and concert arenas to amusement parks, sites welcoming large audiences sustained financial setbacks during the recent public health emergency.

The Scope of The Problem

During the pandemic, social distancing requirements in many places severely impacted the entertainment sector. Cinemas in large numbers witnessed a steep decline in audience attendance. Even after this crisis ends, some chains anticipate a permanent decline in movie theater ticket sales by as much as 25% (at least during the next few years).

Although stimulus legislation in the United States contained some grants to assist struggling performing arts providers, the funds often fell far short of annual budget needs. For example, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival received financial assistance from Congress. However, reportedly its available funding aid package constituted less than 20% of the nonprofit’s multimillion dollar annual budget.

How MPS Assists Entertainment Venues

The use of MPS greatly assists managers seeking to track (and control) printer costs. This technology helps eliminate wasteful duplicative printing while boosting efficiency. It offers value for anyone projecting printer supply requirements, too. By utilizing MPS, managers keep paper, ink, and toner continuously in stock without sustaining copy machine “down time”.

Tracking the use of copiers more closely also helps supervisors allocate “rush” printing orders. They simply send these large projects to the machines best able to meet the demand. Imagine how this capability might assist a large theatrical company required to generate hundreds of pages of scripts for cast members or playbills for patrons on short notice?

Creating Additional Revenue Streams

Additionally, MPS makes it easier for organizations to use their printers as profit centers. Not every entertainment business model contemplates the receipt of ancillary revenue streams, (e.g. by providing public copier services). However, some financially hard-hit firms in this sector may choose to explore this possibility soon.

Designating a printer for public use on a pay-as-you-go basis without employing this technology holds pitfalls. An inaccurate price-per-page charge might actually result in a public-access printer creating unexpected losses. By employing MPS, managers can evaluate the feasibility of furnishing copiers for the use of visitors. They discouraged pilferage and optimize revenues!