Special Purpose Receipt Printers Assist Point-of-Sale Marketing

Point-of-Sale Marketing

Today, business managers attending printer and copier sales frequently discover a wide array of choices. Manufacturers have developed a variety of types of specialized office printing equipment for commercial uses. For example, some analysts predict receipt printers will become one of the most popular product lines during the next few years.

About Receipt Printers

Companies seeking dependable printing tools to generate receipts enjoy many choices. Some firms choose to obtain multi-function office printers for this purpose. Yet many other businesses, especially retail outlets, prefer to select single-purpose receipt printing equipment. The products best suited for your enterprise likely depend upon your unique circumstances and business model.

A Bright Future For Receipt Printers

Recently, some market analysts predicted the demand for all types of point-of-sale receipt printers will grow at a healthy pace between 2020 and 2025. Currently, over thirteen manufacturers offer product lines to serve this distinctive marketplace. The types of equipment available range from general multi-function office printers capable of printing both receipts and other types of documents to highly specialized POS models.

For example, some companies market dedicated point-of-sale receipt printers customized for use within specific industries, such as the entertainment, health care, hospitality, and retail sectors. Yet other manufacturers focus on developing receipt printers designed to fit unique sales venues. This equipment includes both desktop models and mobile receipt printers.

An Illustration of a POS Receipt Printer

What types of features might a customer expect to find in a dedicated point-of-sale receipt printer (as opposed to a popular multi-function office printer)? The USB Thermal Receipt Printer developed by HP serves as a good example of this technology. Tailored for use in busy retail settings, it prints documents very rapidly. The machine offers both monochrome and two-color capabilities, allowing customers to generate eye-catching receipts without sacrificing speed.

Customers may install an 8 MB flash memory to accommodate longer receipts. With the flexibility to operate in a variety of point-of-sale locations, from auto dealerships to cinemas, this model connects seamlessly to powered USB ports. It does not require a separate power cable, a convenience for most merchants.

Shopping For These Products

Customers usually benefit by researching receipt printing equipment before making a purchasing decision. Many factors impact the selection process. In some cases, multi-function printers remain a more cost-effective choice for POS purposes.