Donating a Used Printer Generates Many Rewards

Donating a Used Printer

Businesses and entrepreneurs sometimes forego printer and copier sales in favor of donating their used office equipment to recognized charities. This strategy typically won’t produce high dollar tax deductions. Yet it does offer some impressive long term benefits. Just consider a few of the rewards obtained by making a printer or copy machine donation:

1. A Tax Deductible Contribution

Not all equipment donations qualify as tax deductible contributions. Consequently, donors should carefully check with an attorney and a tax accountant before making a printing equipment donation with the goal of seeking a specific taxable result. Since the Internal Revenue Service considers the value of the equipment at the time of the donation, an older printer may generate only a fraction of its initial price tag in terms of tax deductions. One online source notes individual entrepreneurs who make a printer donation tend to receive between $5 and $155 per unit as a deduction.

2. Personal Satisfaction

Nevertheless, donating a used item of equipment to a worthy cause may still yield impressive rewards. Companies which make altruistic donations of equipment to charities or educational institutions may notice an increase in employee satisfaction and overall morale. It feels good emotionally to assist others. Sometimes businesses which donate their castoff office machines (including printers) obtain a high level of employee and community goodwill. Even a damaged or malfunctioning printer may serve a valuable purpose if the donation enables a student or a trainee to gain repair experience, for example. The tax deduction may prove negligible, yet the equipment continues to benefit society.

3. Priceless Good Publicity

Additionally, the donation of a used printer or a previously owned copy machine sometimes results in free advertising. Local news outlets may choose to cover this type of positive news story. Even if a donation results in virtually no actual tax benefits, the intangible aspect of the gift may assist both the donor and the charity. Sometimes nonprofit organizations appreciate the generosity of donors not only in terms of the gift, but also as a way to share their mission with others in the community. Whether a donated printer aids a food bank, a hospital, an animal shelter, or a school, the gift may help draw attention to the need for ongoing public financial support for an important cause. In this sense, the donation of used printing equipment often benefits the public, as well as the donor!