Inkjet Printer Heads: Sensitive Printer Components

Printer Head

Companies engaging in printer and copier sales typically pay close attention to key design features. One of the most important components in most inkjet printers impacts the quality of the final reproduction: the inkjet printer head. Customers optimize the value they obtain from this technology by taking steps to maintain printer heads in great condition.

About Inkjet Printer Heads

Today, inkjet printers enjoy widespread popularity. Frequently portable, these electronic devices serve as a useful adjunct in many commercial and home offices. An inkjet printer functions by reproducing digital images onto paper (or other substrates). It essentially sprays ink to recreate (or “copy”) the image.

The process of propelling ink accurately proves very important. Inkjet printing heads play a critical role in this process. Printer designers have developed two different basic types of inkjet print heads. The version used by a particular inkjet printer model may vary slightly based upon specific design parameters. However, most inkjet printers utilize either a fixed head or a disposable head.

Inkjet Printer Head Specifications

Generally, an inkjet printer model utilizing a fixed head retains this in-built component for the entire lifespan of the equipment. Damage to a fixed inkjet printer head may result in the loss of the printer. Several popular lines of printers produced by Canon and Epson rely upon permanent fixed inkjet printer heads.

By contrast, a disposable printer head contemplates the replacement of this component with every inkjet ink cartridge replacement. Essentially, manufacturers build the replacement disposable printer head into the ink cartridge itself. For many years, HP favored designs using replaceable inkjet printer heads. One useful analogy for this process occurs in the form of an oil change filter on an automobile. Today, some vehicle manufacturers contemplate the replacement of this component with every oil change. A disposable inkjet filter head functions in much the same way.

Easy Printer Care

Whether fixed or disposable, the printer heads play an important role in the quality of the copies generated by an inkjet printer. Particularly if your inkjet printer relies upon fixed printer heads, it may prove important to obtain periodic cleaning of these components by a technician. The instruction manual supplied with the inkjet printer provides information about this issue. Using original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) replacement ink cartridges proves helpful when a printer model depends upon disposable inkjet printer heads.