Managed Print Services: A Helpful Cost-Saving Measure For Sports Organizations

Can managed print services (“MPS”) help athletic programs save money? In many cases, this helpful technology offers valuable cost-cutting assistance. Just consider a few of the advantages of using it to help lower expenses associated with competitive sports.

Recovering From a Challenging Period

Athletic events sometimes contribute substantially to the financial well-being of sponsoring organizations (including colleges and universities). For example, Saint Louis University basketball programs alone supplied an estimated $10 million to assist the Missouri-based university during the 2018-2019 season. Most educational institutions today benefit enormously from their athletic programs. Numerous civic organizations also depend heavily upon the economic stimulus provided by popular sports.

Yet in many communities, attendance at games plummeted during the recent coronavirus pandemic. Some states severely restricted sports competitions by limiting spectator numbers. Most experts predict interest in athletic events will rebound at the local level as fans return to normal daily routines. However, program directors and coaches may discover advantages in slashing unnecessary costs and enhancing efficiency in the wake of the unforeseen public health crisis.

Prevent Needless Duplicative Printing

By utilizing MPS, athletic programs help encourage greater reliance upon digital file sharing (and an associated reduction in printing). Instead of disseminating copious paper copies of upcoming tournament schedules, for instance, a sports organization and its chapters can rely upon digital communications. Taking this step ultimately lowers overhead expenses. It also avoids the repetitive printing of upcoming (and often changing) schedules. While this practice has grown in popularity in many places during recent years, some teams (and sponsoring institutions) still depend heavily upon paper copies.

Predict Printer Supply Requirements Accurately

An additional benefit for sports organizations in switching to MPS concerns the ability to manage office printers and copy machines more effectively. This technology helps streamline supply ordering by tracking usage. Administrative personnel obtain detailed, accurate, timely information to assist them in re-stocking supplies. They can take advantage of bulk ordering more readily. Over the course of the year, this capability alone may result in significant cost savings. Additionally, it prevents inconvenience and unexpected printer “down time”.

Using MPS on a Local Level

One aspect of MPS proves especially attractive to sports directors. This technology offers scalability. While MPS frequently assists large, far-flung enterprises, it also holds great utility for smaller organizations (including high school athletic programs).