4 Ways Managed Print Services Save Money

Managed Print Services

In-house print management is hectic. Suppose you provide your customers and employees with printed documents; you know this. In that case, you know how expensive it can be to maintain your current levels of operation. You’re potentially throwing a stack of cash into a paper shredder every month. You spend much to buy ink, paper, and equipment. Not forgetting, you hire employees and repair personnel in case of a breakdown. The good news is that alternatives are available to help you reduce your printing costs. Managed print services can help a business save money and operate more efficiently. There are many ways managed print services save money, including:

Improved Data Security

Data security is more important than ever for businesses. More companies fall victim to cyber-attacks and data breaches every day. Therefore, the need for effective security measures is more significant than ever before. Managed print services improve your organization’s data security. For instance, they help you secure printed materials at every stage of the process. These security measures apply from creation to storage. Best practices include encrypting confidential documents during publication. Also, they ensure that they shred them immediately after reading.

Savings on Supplies

An ideal managed print service provider identifies the most cost-effective printers. They will also help you determine the best printer and copier sales. Besides, they analyze your printing needs and suggest a specific cartridge supply. They get consumables from the printer manufacturer that work better with your equipment. As a result, you get more bang for your buck!

Maintenance Savings

A managed print provider handles printers’ maintenance. Therefore, you don’t need to hire technicians. This often results in substantial savings over hiring an in-house maintenance team. You may also save money by consolidating all your maintenance into one contract. It is expensive to separate contracts with each manufacturer.

Savings on Labor Costs

With managed printer service, employees can find information when they need it. They will waste less time searching through files or re-creating lost documents. By implementing workflow automation solutions, workers will be more productive. Also, they’ll need less supervision. This will help you save money that would go into training and management. Additionally, employees will spend less time waiting at printers since they’re more efficient.

The basic idea behind a managed print service plan is to take over your print activities. They are experts at controlling costs, saving time, and optimizing your infrastructure.