How to Determine Whether to Call a Printer Repair Specialist or Upgrade to a Newer Model

New Vs Used

More people rely on the trusty service of their home or work office printers for copying materials, faxing information to another location, as a tool for work or school projects and to print photos if your printer has these capabilities.

Some individuals wonder how to best determine whether their old and reliable printer needs printer repair and service from a reputable company that offers affordable and fast printer related services.

If something is amiss, it may be worth the investment to upgrade your older printer model with a newer version that can offer many more functions and features that could save even more time, effort and money on a longer-term basis.

Make a List of Any Noticeable Problems with Your Printer or Copy Machine

It can pay to do some research before wasting money on a repair that is not worth the price, down-time of the unit or bother that dealing with out-of-town office supply representatives who seem to have missed the good customer service training.

You must first assess the problems one by one, then add up the costs of doing the necessary repairs. This type of information can usually be found in your printer instruction book.

Depending on the number of problems and the overall commitment of time and money, it may be cheaper to upgrade to a brand-new model that offers more features and will likely last longer than your repaired older model might.

A Good Rule of Thumb Is to Replace Printers After 7 Years

There is a general rule in office technology circles that a printer that is more than 7 years old should probably be replaced rather than repaired. However, all the factors need to be gathered and analyzed to determine the best action moving forward.

Factors to consider before replacing or repairing a printer include:

  • How serious the current problems are.
  • Age of the printer.
  • Costs of necessary repairs.
  • Whether printer replacement parts are available.
  • Changing needs of the printer user over time.
  • Are the supplies and parts obsolete?
  • How often is the printer in use?
  • Number of people using the printer.
  • What purposes is the printer used for.
  • How long will replacement parts take when shipped.
  • Are there better units that feature more energy efficiency?
  • How much space does the current printer take?

Speak to a professional printer repair and replace expert for honest and helpful recommendations regarding your printer. This team is ready to assist with top-notch printer repair and/or other related services.