Purchasing Office Printers And Copiers? Pay Attention to 2 Key Issues!

Attention Purchasing Office Printers And Copiers

Today, the robust global market in office printer and copier sales often allows purchasing departments to consider appealing merchandise offers. Organizations interested in buying this type of vital business equipment benefit by paying close attention to two important issues. This brief article provides an overview of these concerns:

One: Know The Differences Between Ink Jet and Laser Printers

As a preliminary matter, consider several basic differences between ink jet and laser printers. These factors ultimately contribute to both the usefulness and the operating costs of these technologies. (Many organizations require both ink jet and laser printers.)

Ink jet printers typically offer the advantage of a considerably lower acquisition cost. Many home offices favor this type of affordable printer. Some important ink jet printing features include:

  • These printers utilize water-based inks;
  • They reproduce photos and colors well;
  • Ink jet printers print on a variety of materials, including business cards and labels;
  • Due to high per-copy costs, ink jet printers don’t accommodate large printing projects well;
  • These printers tend to operate slowly.

By contrast, laser printers have become staples in busy offices engaged in high-volume printing. These printers usually command considerably higher prices. Some key features include:

  • Laser printing depends upon powdered ink toner;
  • These printers reproduce text quickly and precisely;
  • They complete high volume projects cost-effectively;
  • Printing transpires comparatively quickly;
  • While laser printer supplies cost more, these printers usually prove more cost-effective to operate on a per-page basis.

Two: Adhere to Any Applicable Security Guidelines

Finally, regardless of the type of printers or copiers an organization seeks, it simply makes sense to comply fully with any technology security guidelines established for your company or organization! Maintaining office security proves particularly important today. Some printer and copier models simply cannot meet the security demands of certain customers.

Saving even tens of thousands of dollars on a purchase pales in comparison with the immense downside enterprises sustain by losing control of valuable intellectual property, for example. It usually proves useful for purchasing agents to consult with company IT security experts before initiating a major investment in new equipment. Since copiers and printers today frequently connect to online resources, criminals all too easily misuse these popular tools as back doors for data thefts or tampering.

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