The Underrated Role of Quality Printing in the Digital Age

A common misconception is that digital media will inevitably replace print. While digital communication has surely optimized certain workflows, print is still found everywhere in your business. Unfortunately, too many businesses are still relying on outdated printing models and services. Those who do take the initiative to care for their printed material may find themselves with a few unlikely advantages.

High-Quality Printers Communicate Professionalism

For some, it’s possible to miss that a memo, brochure, or presentation was printed with high-quality equipment. But just about everyone can tell when it’s not. Faded colors, blurry text, and poor image quality all scream “amateur hour.” If you’re looking to make a great impression with printed material, there’s no substitute for high-quality printers. Good-looking prints communicate professionalism and attention to detail that simply can’t be matched by low-end printers.

The Shift to Digital Gives You an Opportunity to Stand Out

Just before the digital era fully set in, the quality of printed media was an obvious expression of a company’s attention to detail and overall professionalism. Today, in a world where digital communication is the norm, that same quality printing still communicates those attributes – but even more so. With the prevalence of low-quality printers due to an unchecked focus on digital communication, businesses that invest in high-quality equipment can stand out from the competition.

Customers Notice, but So Do Employees

Print helps to humanize a business and creates personal connections between the company and potential clients. Every time someone touches or interacts with print materials from your brand, they engage in an emotional interaction with it as well. High-quality printers help you to convey a consistent message that resonates with your customers.

Studies show the more a company invests in ensuring their work environment is professional and aesthetically appealing, the more pride employees feel in their job. Similar to a customer’s experience with print materials, employees that work in an environment surrounded by high-quality printed material have a stronger sense of professionalism and higher standards for quality control.

If printer and copier sales are anything to go on, businesses around the world are catching on to this neglected aspect of looking good while doing business. Rather than relying on digital media, smart businesses are investing in high-quality printers and copiers that will help them communicate professionalism and pride.