Managed Print Services Promote Streamlining

Today, managed print services (“MPS”) offer a number of widely recognized advantages. These benefits include cost reduction, improved security, enhanced environmental sustainability, and the prevention of wasteful duplicative printing. However, one of the most important reasons to adopt MPS in many institutional and governmental settings relates to streamlining services.

Streamlining Helps Cut Through Unnecessary Red Tape

In many cases, managers desire to streamline operational systems in order to prevent needless delays and avoid bureaucracy. This process expedites the delivery of important services. It ultimately results in enhanced efficiency.

Switching to the use of MPS helps many large organizations simplify the allocation of printers and copiers significantly. This streamlining impact occurs without disrupting established hierarchies within the enterprise. An MPS firm essentially shoulders the responsibility for ensuring smooth access to an important (and frequently overused) operational resource.

Emphasizing The Use of Available Digital Technologies

In many situations, the MPS provider may suggest affordable copying alternatives, such as increased digital document sharing within a large enterprise. By disseminating documents electronically (instead of via hand-delivered “hard copy” printouts), many large enterprises realize a significant reduction in the need for printing services. Centralizing copying in this way cuts document duplication expenses and labor costs while tightening security.

Managers may still choose to maintain printed files for record keeping purposes, of course. Yet they won’t need to waste resources creating duplicate paper copies for every single branch office or separate departmental division. This streamlining ultimately simplifies the way large enterprises manage valuable information.

An Illustration

The advantages of streamlining the use of copiers and printers have already come to the attention of governments around the world. For instance, the Canadian government recently entered into an agreement with three MPS companies to receive print management services during the next six years. In diverse locations, many other regional and local government bodies and large institutions have sought to streamline their operations by embracing efficient MPS technologies.

Streamlining results in enhanced customer service. In the private sector, managers in growing numbers have already discovered competitive advantages in using MPS to expedite the processing of information. Yet this capability also permits massive government agencies to trim ballooning budgets and respond to requests from the public more effectively. MPS currently provides a win-win solution for both businesses and governments!